Behind the Seams

Our Story

Our Chinese name 金手剪 (Jīn shǒu jiǎn), which literally translates as "golden hand cut",  reflects the dexterous tailoring skills of our experienced Master Tailor Mdm Li Qi Ying who started full-time in the industry when she was just 13.

Although it really should have been 'scissors', we kept the English language name Golden Scissor Cheongsam as it was originally registered as a way to remember our beginnings - navigating new languages and ways of being, long days in workshop backrooms, sacrificing half of the sewing machine table just to be able to fit the whole machine into the small hole-in-the-wall spot where Mdm Li first offered alterations and tailor-made cheongsam in People's Park, Chinatown.

Every frogbutton (盘扣, Pán kòu) is still knotted by hand and often pieces are altered to fit on the spot right in front of you, in a homely treasure trove full of beautiful cheongsam made for Singapore's tropical climate.

With decades of experience in tailoring and making cheongsam in Guangxi, Beijing, Hong Kong and now Singapore, Mdm Li's favourite way of communicating remains that of making the cheongsam speak for you.

Credited to Legacy Studio, 2015


Golden Scissor Cheongsam is available online and in-store here. Master Tailor is most comfortable in Cantonese and Chinese.

If you have questions or you'd like to chat with us in English, please write to us here or message us on instagram


The Origins of the Cheongsam